How to write athens in greek

how to write athens in greek

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Your idea has to be so fully developed as if you are talking to a person who has never heard about the problem stated. Express your opinion (agreement or disagreement). We are usually asked to give an advice. Cover the problem broadly one more time (in absolutely other words in comparison to the introduction) and write the conclusion (the main thought, moral). You forget a word because of a memory lapse. What should we do? In situations when you cant recall a greek word, ask yourself a question: how else can i express that word, how could I describe that phenomenon with simple words?

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After, go back to the grammar test. Then you will notice that the decision-making process concerning the topic will start outside of your consciousness. What is the theme of a composition? In fact, the topic itself already contains many ideas. Generally, the theme is considered to be a problem you need to examine. Then, follow the plan:. Decide on what important you are going to talk. Rewrite william the theme changing the structure of Greek sentences and moreover, try to add something as well. View the problem from different sides; take its positive and negative sides. Even if you see something obvious, do not hesitate to write about this.

G.: family health effects of cigarette smoking; apartment, house (rent, purchase move to another city (country holidays and customs; recreational facilities; environment; ecology; Internet, mobile communication; trips (means of travel television (reality shows, entertaining programs character features; job (job interviews your dream; nightmare etc. If you enter a greek university in Athens, you will probably be offered 2 topics, where one of them needs to be selected. As a rule, one of the themes is a formal or informal letter. The text is usually assessed for its style and appearance. All these aspects can be discussed and worked out in advance, in the lessons of Greek with your internal or online Greek teacher. Another important aspect of test composition is time management. Calculate the time you have in which to write the composition, leave 1 hour or 40 minutes patriotism minimum for this. When you only start completing a greek grammar test, go to the end of the whole test to look at the topics provided. Try to decide on the subject as soon as possible.

how to write athens in greek

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So, what should we do? I will try to give you some advice on this. The first thing is certainly a preparation for Greek exam in a systematic manner. You should work out and think over some topics in advance. Besides, you need to organize your own phrase book in accordance with the topics and prepare some theses. They will not let you know the exact exam topics beforehand. So, what should we prepare for? It makes sense self to work out the general themes,.

In this article i will rely on my own experience in doing test in Greek (University of Athens) and proceed from the requirements of this very test. So, you are given a task to write a composition no matter if you have. Greek language course or you study the language on your own. Dont wait till the muse blesses you with inspiration which will create a coherent product with a logical flow of ideas in a stressful situation. Creativity, flights of fancy, high thoughts, all these things are wonderful! Nevertheless, at the first stage, in an exam situation we can face some difficulties. The reason here is not because we take examinations with an empty head. The greatest challenge inhibiting the ability non-native speakers to express themselves in Greek at the appropriate grade level is perhaps, a lack of sufficient vocabulary and knowledge!

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how to write athens in greek

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Greece's carrier sometimes offers discounts, and these can be home good deals. The site has also streamlined its online booking system. International flights are mostly codeshares. Delta airlines : This airline frequently promotes flights to Athens. Klm: Another airline often offering low fares to Athens. Cheap Flights From Traditional Travel Agents Almost forgotten in the summary internet shuffle are traditional travel agents.

Often, they will have access to flight deals from consolidators that can meet or beat posted prices elsewhere, and sometimes it's nice to have a real human to help with your trip details. Most of them charge a ticketing fee in addition to the ticket price, but it's usually pretty cheap. More Advice on Cheap Flights have to save those last few dollars? Instead of taking a taxi from Athens Airport to your hotel for 45 Euro (give or take take the 4 Euro (or so) Airport Bus or the metro into Athens instead. Then take a taxi if you must to your exact destination. You'll haul your luggage a little more, but you'll save big bucks over taking a cab.

Some resources for Finding Cheap Flights to Greece. Travelocity provides flights and vacation packages to europe, including many Greece options. M: This page specializes in finding deals on less-known regional airlines. It's a great place to locate cheap flights that just won't be shown on the "big" comparison engines. Bootsnall: This page shows consistently low fares on flights to Greece. Booking wiz : This website, also affiliated with bootsnall, allows you to check most of the "big name" travel providers with just one entry of your flight information.

Still don't like what you find? Run another search at the individual providers and you may get additional results. Aegean Airlines: Aegean operates only in Europe but has codeshares with other airlines. It has overtaken the old Olympic Airways in the number of passengers it flies annually. Aegean also has a codeshare agreement with Continental Airlines for flights to Greece. Olympic Air : Check the bargain page.

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Supposedly, many new prices go into effect at midnight or thereabouts, though time differences may make this magic moment a little obscure. Important Warning About searching for Flights to Greece. Many search engines may give you the option of searching for flights to an alternate airport "near" Athens or other locations. Searches for Athens may suggest you look for flights to the island of mykonos; it's only slip 94 miles away from Athens, but that's all water, requiring either a slow ferry, a more expensive hydrofoil or another flight event over to Athens. Other searches may suggest flying to the island. Santorini to get to the island of Crete, "only" 70 miles away. The sole exception for airport substitutions is for flights to Crete. There, flying into the Chania airport rather than Heraklion could work; you're at least on the same island.

how to write athens in greek

Check three to five different resources before clicking that "pay" button. Call the airline directly. Find a great price on a particular airline using a travel search? Call the airline directly and ask if there are any other special promotions to that destination. Most of the time, the price posted on the internet will be the lowest, but not always. But if the airline charges you essay a fee to talk with a reservations agent, it's probably not worth. Similarly, if you've searched out a good price, and talked to the airline, compare both results to a direct search on the airline's own website. You may be surprised. Search in the middle of the night.

a newer or smaller airline that is offering promotional fares. You may also find a european regional airline that you never thought of taking before. If you're thinking of taking a tour or cruise, see what airfare deals your tour operator offers and find out if you can extend your trip to allow time for independent travel before or after. Consider flying directly to, kerkyra (Corfu), thessaloniki, rhodes, or through Chania or. Heraklion on the island of Crete. Airlines flying out of Britain and Germany have many direct flights to these locations. Try an "open-jaw flight. go into Athens but fly home out of Heraklion, Rhodes, Thessaloniki or Kerkyra.

By deTraci regula, updated 12/01/17, cheap flights to and Greece can be easy to find if you know a few tips and tricks. Here are some ways to save money on your next flight to Athens, Greece. Book early or late. You can save money by either booking way early, 60 to 90 days in advance, or by booking late with last-minute deals. The latter is only for those travelers with nerves of steel and flexible schedules. Concentrate on getting a great price to london, paris, rome or Munich. From there, then find a flight to Greece on a smaller European airline.

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Deliciously layered roasted eggplant, seasoned meat and potatoes, topped with our bechamel sauce, this is fantastic Greek dish moussaka. Greek cuisine is one more sight for travelers to get trapped here. Besides variety of fish dishes, there is one more must-taste meal - egg-plants and meat casserole moussaka. It is a dish mainly made with egg-plants and meat, but it can be cooked in different ways adding youghurt, potatoes or it can be vegetable without any meat. Come round to any reastaurant, tavern or even fast-food. Order moussaka and feel how Greece tastes. Price differs from place to place. 4-5 at about fast-food, 8 at reastaurants or taverns.

How to write athens in greek
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Come round to any reastaurant, tavern or even fast-food. Order moussaka and feel how Greece tastes.

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  1. How to Spend 5 days in Athens, greece. How to save money flying to Athens. Cheap flights to Greece can be easy to find if you know a few tips and tricks. Here are some ways to save money on your next flight to Athens, greece. 1 The Importance of Athena in Greek mythology The foremost powerful female figure in Greek mythology.

  2. Write them down (don't forget to write both capital and small letters). Try writing your name or other simple words, but using Greek letters. The Importance of Athens in Greek history. We must see athens as the average man saw it and lived in it from day to day, and then perhaps we can partially understand how it was that during the brief but wonderful era of Athenian freedom and prosperity, athens was able. The municipal Gallery of Athens on koumoundourou square houses artwork by Greek artists who profoundly impacted the history of art in Greece and contributed to its development in the 20th century.

  3. Free greek lessons in Athens, mainland Greece and Greek islands as of 2013. How to get a greek language certificate for residence citizenship. Living in Greece gr is a practical guide with news, insider tips personal stories written by kat, an American in Athens working in the eu since 1997. But would you like to learn the entire Greek alphabet? Depending on how quickly you learn and how much time you have to practice, this could take you anywhere.

  4. 1 person found this useful. How do you write Athens in Greek? The Greek name for the city of Athens is Athena. It is spelledalpha theta eta nu alpha in the Greek alphabet. Home 1 forums finance marketing how to write athens in greek. This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by softfedelri1983 4 days, 4 hours ago.

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